Why do I need a Lawyer?

You have been recently arrested for a DUI or another alleged criminal offense. You’re probably facing criminal charges which may result in fines and even possible jail time up to 90 days...in some cases, up to one year. Your offense could even result in civil action consequences for your driver\s license, vehicle plates and, in some situations, forfeiture of the vehicle, personal belongings, and even your owned premises.

You need aggressive legal representation NOW that will protect your interests and challenge the Court consequences! You need a lawyer who knows your “Defendant’s Rights.”

Marcus Teichner has been a law enforcement officer, a prosecutor and defense counsel, and he has 30 years experience handling thousands of cases in the criminal justice system. It is critically important that you act immediately to secure an attorney who will act to protect your rights and defend your case. To protect your rights, call today for your FREE initial consultation. We have offices conveniently located across the Metro to serve you.